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Slitting Fabrication Services

Professional Slitting Fabrication Facility

Atlas Gasket and Rubber provides superior slitting fabrication services for many applications including military, electronics and industrial. Straight-line cutting of material in the direction of the web (or roll) is a Atlas specialty. Unlike many large manufacturers, Atlas applies our slitting expertise to jobs of any size, from custom designed prototype development services to large-scale multiple-component production runs.

Quality slitting services demand a keen insight into the properties of fabrication materials, knowledge the gasket manufacturing material specialists at Atlas have gained over decades of experience cutting every type of foam, rubber, plastic, fiber, paper, and film. Each material involves a different slitting fabrication technique based on the application and material thickness.

The Atlas slitting facility is equipped for several different high quality slitting techniques, based on the properties of the material being cut. We can provide slitting services for thick and thin materials to best serve your industry's needs.

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Atlas Slitting Fabrication Techniques:

➤ Crush cutting
      • For foams, felt and some types of plastics and films.
➤ Razor cuts
      • For thin films and delicate materials.
➤ Shear slitting
      • For paper, films, and other materials.
➤ Rotary slitting
      • For exceptional accuracy and width flexibility.

The best slitting fabrication solutions for gasket manufacturing come from Atlas Gasket and Rubber.

Superior Die Cutting and Fabrication Services

Atlas Gasket and Rubber is your number one resource for die cutting and gasket fabrication services. Our fabrication experts utilize years of knowledge in the industry to provide the best die cut gaskets and assembly components on the market. We offer a wide range of gasket materials including paper, Nomex, rubber, plastic, foam, felt, cork and rubber.

Atlas Gasket and Rubber is an established industry leader known for tailoring to the largest order sizes and offer superior prototyping services. Whether you need die cut rubber gaskets, slitting fabrication services, or gasket fabrication, we are here for you.

Sample Atlas’s superb slitting fabrication capabilities by contacting our professional slitting fabrication experts today to discuss your upcoming slitting project.

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