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Paper Die Cutting

Paper and Fiber Gasket Fabrication Capabilities

Paper and fiber-based substances are commonly used for die cut gasket manufacturing, most often in the automotive and engine manufacturing industries. Paper gaskets, also known as treated paper or cellulose gaskets, provide an inexpensive and remarkably diverse manufacturing tool useful in many different applications. Die cut fiber gaskets feature excellent forming and bending qualities and are well-suited for electrical applications requiring high dielectric strength.

Atlas Gasket and Rubber provides a wide range of paper gasket materials tailored to a variety of industries. Fish paper and fiber gaskets are ideal for those looking for a non-magnetic fiber gasket. These die cut gaskets feature excellent arc and solvent resistance, making them ideal for electrical insulation applications. Applications requiring extreme heat tolerance should use vegetable fiber gaskets. Vegetable fiber, also known as Detroiter, is made of treated cellulose and protein glue. We recommend vegetable paper gaskets for applications requiring oil, grease, gasoline, air and water resistance. If you're having difficulty choosing the ideal paper die cut gaskets for your industry, our expert die cut gasket manufacturers are available for assistance.

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Paper gasket manufacturing materials include, but aren’t limited to:

Fish paper/Fiber
➤ Specialty Papers
Armstrong Paper
Vegetable Fiber

The gasket manufacturing professionals at Atlas Gasket and Rubber have decades of experience with designing and manufacturing high quality paper gaskets perfectly suited to a wide range of applications. From vegetable fiber papers and chipboard to high temperature insulating papers and more, Atlas carries the necessary paper and fibrous materials for your custom gasket component fabrication needs.

Die cut gaskets are critical for preventing fluid leakage and keeping your machinery properly functioning. Our gaskets come in various thicknesses, lengths, materials and other customizable specifications to help you achieve maximum production capabilities. No matter what your industry, our die cut gasket manufacturers will help you select the best gasket for your application.

Contact the professional paper gasket manufacturing experts at Atlas Gasket and Rubber today to discuss the difference the Atlas Advantage can make for your business with custom paper die cutting.

Paper Gasket Material

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