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Nomex Gaskets and Industrial Components

Nomex Die Cutting Capabilities

Atlas Gasket and Rubber provides the highest quality die cut gaskets on the market. Nomex is a tough, durable material most often used for insulating electrical components in household appliances, machinery, and more. These gaskets are easy to install and secure tightly on your machinery to prevent fluid leakage.

Nomex features excellent thermal, chemical, radiation, and fire resistant qualities, making Nomex a great material for multiple industrial and production-style applications. Die cut gaskets manufactured with Nomex are flame resistant and often used for high heat environments, such as grills, smokers, ovens, and much more.

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Nomex Gasket Manufacturing Materials Include, but are Not Limited to:

Nomex/Aramid Fiber
Nomex Composites

Our Nomex/Aramid fiber gaskets are lightweight, strong and withstand extremely high temperatures. We recommend this material for heavy duty mechanical applications and high moisture environments. Nomex composite gaskets also have a higher compression tolerance.

Atlas offers a wide range of Nomex fibers and composites for your gasket manufacturing needs. Our gasket manufacturers offer a variety of thicknesses, lengths, and other technical specifications to serve the requirements for virtually any industry. The professional die cut gasket manufacturing experts at Atlas have decades of experience working with many different gasket fabrication materials and will help customers with selecting the perfect material for their needs.

Contact the expert die cut gasket manufacturing professionals at Atlas Gasket and Rubber today for custom Nomex die cutting.

Nomex Gasket Material

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