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Die Cut Gasket Fabrication Services

Gasket Die Cutting Manufacturing and Design Recommendation Services

Gaskets are an integral assembly component for any machinery or engines which confine a gas or liquid. The gasket manufacturing industry professionals at Atlas treat our gasket development process with the importance it deserves, assisting our valued customers with:

➤ Gasket design and recommendation expertise
➤ Gasket material selection
➤ Gasket manufacturing for optimal quality and affordability

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Custom Gaskets for a Variety of Surfaces

While gaskets are generally used to compensate for non-conforming mating surfaces, their specific operating parameters vary widely. Surface irregularities may be extremely minute and almost unnoticeable or large and instantly recognized. The material used to manufacture a gasket may be asked to limit the flow of a variety of different fluids, from water and air to caustic liquids and gases.

Gasket Materials

Atlas specializes in helping customers choose the gasket material which best suits your requirements for leak protection.

Some common gasket fabrication materials include:


The Atlas gasket manufacturing professionals produce high quality gaskets for industry professionals across the country. From aerospace and automotive to food processing and pharmaceutical, our gaskets are renowned for reliability and providing a perfect seal. We understand each gasket we produce must meet your exact requirements, which is why we offer an unmatched selection of materials and workmanship. Choose from:

Paper Gaskets
Nomex Gaskets
Rubber Gaskets
Foam Gaskets
Felt/Fabric Gaskets
Cork Gaskets
Leather Gaskets

Choosing the right die-cut gasket material can make a major difference between efficient performance and production errors. This is why all fabrication materials are evaluated by our trained professionals, based on your density, tensile strength, environmental factors and application requirements. We form a close working relationship with each customer to ensure a perfect gasket each time.

Keep your machinery and vital engines running smoothly and leak-free with the help of Atlas Gasket and Rubber.

Precise Material Thickness

Gaskets differ from seals in the nature of their formation, with gaskets commonly cut from sheets or rolls of material while seals are individually formed in their own configuration. Atlas gaskets are manufactured from materials of precise thicknesses, perfectly suited to the performance needs of a specific application.

Contact the Atlas gasket die cutting professionals to learn more about Atlas’s custom die cut gasket manufacturing capabilities. You'll experience Atlas's unbeatable customer service firsthand.

Gasket Fabrication Services

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