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Die Cut Gasket and Assembly Component Manufacturing Material Options

Die Cutting And Fabrication Materials

Understanding and selecting the correct die cut gasket manufacturing material can make all the difference between optimal performance and complete production failure. Die cut gasket fabrication materials are evaluated by the trained Atlas gasket manufacturing professionals and are based on your exacting requirements for density, tensile strength, environmental resistance, and real world application. Atlas works closely with all of our customers to provide the high quality die cut gaskets required to keep integral production machinery, vital engines, and important assembly components running smoothly.

Atlas offers unbeatable gasket fabrication services for a wide range of materials, providing our gasket manufacturing customers with a multitude of choices in thickness, density, hardness and durability. Atlas carries an incredibly diverse range of manufacturing materials perfectly suited to thousands of applications. Atlas will also gladly work with customer supplied manufacturing materials.

From paper, felts, and fabrics to rubber, corks, films, and plastics, Atlas has the gasket or component fabrication material your company requires for producing a high quality product.

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Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSA)

➤ PSA Material applied to Non- Metallic Material
Rubber and Acrylic on Polyester Film
➤ Free Films
Foam Tapes
Anti - Slip Products
Safety Treads
Safety Pad Strips / Kel-Cushion
Double Sided PSA Application

Gasket Material Overview

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