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Materials for Foam Die Cut Gaskets

The word "foam" covers a broad range of fabrication materials Atlas utilizes in our gasket manufacturing and die cutting processes. Foam materials can be made of urethane, sponge rubber, and expanded rubber. Atlas’s wide selection of available gasket manufacturing materials means we have the resources needed to complete your die cut foam project.

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Open Cell or Airtight Foam

Foam comes in a wide variety of types, such as open cell construction, where the individual cells of the foam interconnect to allow the passage of liquids and gases. Others foam fabrication materials feature closed cells, where individual cells do not connect and are both air and watertight.

Permeability is not the only critical variable Atlas professionals consider in the application of these compounds. Customers have many options for:

➤ Tolerances
➤ Appearances
➤ Finishes

Each of these has a corresponding effect on the cost of labor, material and tooling.

Custom Created Foam Gaskets

We provide a wide variety of foam gasket materials, from soft open cell foam gaskets, to slow recovery foam, to dense barrier foam gaskets, we can produce the custom foam gasket you need for your specific application. Foam is versatile, available in a wide variety of thicknesses, harnesses, colors and density. Most foam materials also include a pressure sensitive adhesive backing, made of acrylic or rubber.

Our Foam & Sponge Gasket Materials Include:

Neoprene gaskets
Blended-Neoprene, EPDM, SBR gaskets
Nitrile gaskets
EPDM gaskets
PVC/NBR gaskets
EVA gaskets
SCE 41, 42, 43, 45 gaskets
RE 41, 42, 43 gaskets
Poron ® gaskets
Polyether foam gaskets
Polyurethane foam gaskets
Ethylene Vinyl Acetate gaskets
And more

Expertise in Foam Cutting and Tolerances

Atlas offers a wide range of resources for the most efficient use of die cut foams. A staff of in-house application specialists can offer firsthand insight into the performance characteristics of all the various foam types. The Atlas manufacturing experts have extensive experience cutting, forming, and fabricating foam gaskets and products. The Atlas production floor is equipped with the latest machinery to maintain strict adherence to client requests for tight tolerances, special shapes or unit costs.

Contact the professional die cutting foam experts at Atlas to discuss what we can do to help you with your next foam die cutting project!

Foam Gaskets

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