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Custom Gasket and Assembly Component Fabrication

Custom Gasket Fabricating Services

Atlas's complete range of gasket fabrication services runs the gamut from hand cutting single prototypes to kitting of gasket production components by the thousands. Fill out Atlas's gasket fabricating contact quote form to put our die cutting experts to work on your next gasket component production.

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Hand Cutting

In addition to a full complement of die cutting machinery, Atlas’s exacting craftsmen cut short-run and prototype gasket products by hand to ensure precise conformity to customer supplied specifications.


For both prototype or production quantities, Atlas is equipped to assemble large components using rubber gasket vulcanization techniques, creating laminated materials and adding pressure-sensitive adhesives to die cut components.


Atlas offers high quality gasket fabrication services, including drilling, countersinking, lathe turning, scoring, perforating, and marking when feasible. Our fabrication techniques are designed for fitting custom gasket components to unique applications while removing the need for expensive tooling if possible.

Kitting and Stocking Programs

Complete order fulfillment services are available with the Atlas reputation for reliability and high quality.

Contact the gasket and assembly component fabrication experts at Atlas Gasket and Rubber today for the best customer service and the highest quality available in today's industry.

Leather Gasket Material

1201 Marlin Court
Waukesha, WI 53186
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