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Custom Gasket Die Cutting Services

Die Cutting for Gaskets, Assembly Components and More

Atlas Gasket and Rubber specializes in high quality die cut gaskets which ensure engines and machines operate as intended. Our gaskets are ideal for preventing liquids and gases from leaking out of machinery. Die cutting services are utilized in many industries like aerospace, automotive and military.

We offer gaskets in a variety of thicknesses, materials and finishes made for every type of application. From a single prototype to a 100,000+ component production run, Atlas has the equipment, expertise and flexibility to meet your company’s needs in non-metal die cut components.

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Materials and Equipment for Die Cutting

The foundation of Atlas's capability is our extensive knowledge of gasket fabrication materials. We've met customers' performance specifications in plastics, rubbers, foams, fiber/papers and films, many of which are always available in stock.

Atlas’s wide range of high quality die cutting equipment is ready to turn the right material into a successful finished component. In addition to available laser and waterjet cutting capabilities, Atlas's facilities are fully equipped for high volume production.

Atlas Gasket Fabrication Equipment and Capabilities:

➤ 2 punch presses
➤ 2 continuous feed CNC die cutting presses
➤ 3 manual beam presses
➤ 3 traveling head presses
➤ 4 swing beam presses
➤ 4 single knife slitters
➤ 1 roller press
➤ 9 profile extrusion vulcanizing presses

Die Cutting Process

The term “die cutting” can apply to many types of cutting processes. Our team of die-cutting professionals limit the term specifically to cutting custom shapes from soft or semi-rigid materials in single or multiple layers. We have a wide variety of materials available for die-cutting:


Many industries depend on our die-cutting services. While the process of die-cutting itself is relatively simple, the machinery required to custom create components has become quite advanced over the years. Our die cutting process is quick, accurate and custom tailored to your specific application. From rubber gasket manufacturing to custom assembly component fabrication services, the Atlas team provides superior customer service and high quality die cut items for a number of different industries.

Quality Gasket and Component Fabrication Services

Atlas Gasket and Rubber offers decades of experience to give you the best die cutting services on the market. We are your number one resource for superior die cut gaskets, pressure sensitive adhesives and custom assembly components. Whether you only need a single prototype or require a mass production run, we have you covered.

Contact the Atlas gasket die cutting professionals to sample Atlas’s unbeatable gasket fabrication capabilities.

Leather Gasket Material

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