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Cork Gasket Manufacturing Services

Cork and Cork/Rubber Gaskets

Cork and rubber are the two most commonly used materials for die cut gasket manufacturing. Cork is prized for its ability to resist fluid absorption while maintaining a tight seal and a durable lifespan. Cork can also be combined with a wide range of materials to create an unbeatable gasket suitable for multiple applications in many different industries including agriculture, aviation, railroad, construction and petroleum. Additional uses include cushioning, antivibration, and damping. These custom gaskets are also lightweight and heat resistant.

Die cut cork gasket manufacturing materials include, but aren’t limited to:

Cork/Rubber Composition

Atlas Gasket and Rubber offers a wide variety of cork, composition cork, and cork/rubber materials perfectly suited to your gasket manufacturing needs. Atlas carries many different cork and cork hybrid materials at our facility and we will also work with any customer-supplied manufacturing materials. Our tree-bark based cork is lightweight, resists oil, water and flame. Our rubber cork material features the same durability and fluid resistance but with extra compressibility. We recommend rubber cork for applications requiring extra vibration resistance.

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Benefits of Cork Gaskets

There are many advantages to cork. It is a lightweight material, with excellent water repelling properties. It is commonly used in consumer products, because it is able to be extremely compressed without being damaged. Cork is highly resistant to everyday wear and tear and isn't affected by extreme temperatures.

Cork is versatile for many industries. It is incredibly strong and nearly indestructible. Cork possesses a unique cushioning capability, thanks to its cellular structure. It is arranged in a honeycomb pattern, each square centimeter is composed of millions of cells which are mostly filled with a gaseous mixture. This provides cork with four important characteristics:

➤ Thermal insulation
➤ Elasticity
➤ Sound Reduction
➤ Fire Retardant

Cork is used in many applications from shoe insoles and golf ball cores to top quality gaskets. Cork is an excellent, environmentally friendly choice.

Cork Rubber Gaskets

The addition of rubber to cork material combines the compressibility of natural cork, while adding the resilience of rubber. Typically, cork/rubber gaskets have a 70/30 ratio. The rubber helps the cork resist chemicals, acids and fungi. It also makes cork resistant to oil, solvents and fuel. Cork/rubber gaskets are ideal for the aviation and automotive industries.

When choosing a cork rubber gasket, there are a wide variety of rubber materials which can be paired with cork. Rubber materials like Neoprene, Silicon, Nitrile and many more are available from Atlas Gasket and Rubber.

Rubber/cork gaskets are anti-slip, impact resistant and durable enough to last for years in your application.

Quality Custom Gaskets from Atlas

We manufacture cork die cut gaskets in a variety of thicknesses, dimensions and other specifications depending on your application and industry. Our gasket manufacturers are more than happy to help you choose the right material for your machinery needs/

Contact the expert die cut cork rubber gasket manufacturers at Atlas Gasket and Rubber today to discuss our high quality cork gasket fabrication capabilities.

Cork Gasket Material

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