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Typical Gasket Materials & Types for Agricultural Industry

Atlas Gaskets Creates Industrial Seals for Farm & Agricultural Equipment

Gaskets are vitally important to the agricultural industry as they’re used in a variety of farming equipment from tractors to water pumps. This range means customization and gasket material options are necessary. The experts at Atlas can build any gasket to meet your specifications.

Most farmers only discover a problem when a leak becomes visible. A leak generally means it is time to replace the gasket on your farming equipment or tools.

It’s much cheaper to replace a gasket at the first sign of a leak than pay to fix the damage a malfunctioning gasket has caused.

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Gaskets used in the agricultural industry need to be resistant to farming chemicals like fertilizers, weed killers and other corrosive substances. Their acidic compositions can cause some metals and rubbers to deteriorate. Our experts know the specific properties of all the materials we offer, they’re able to create the exact gasket you need out of a material that will last.

Common Gasket Materials Used in the Agricultural Industry

EPDM: for longevity & ability to cope with drastic temperature fluctuations
Reinforced Rubber: for durability, impact resistance and ability to hold its shape
Nitrile Rubber: for high oil resistance up to 120 degrees
Viton Rubber: for excellent resistance to chemicals & fertilizers

We can develop sealing solutions for nearly every type of agricultural equipment, including but not limited to:

➤ Cranes
➤ Tractors
➤ Combines
➤ Harvesters
➤ Water Pumps
➤ Chainsaws
➤ Power Tools
➤ Engines
➤ Conveyors
➤ Sub Soilers
➤ Power Trains
➤ Rolling Cultivators

Custom Gaskets for the Agricultural Industry

We’ve been manufacturing high-quality gaskets for the agricultural industry for over 30 years and are experts at creating custom gaskets to meet any specifications. We ensure gaskets from our experts will meet the temperature, pressure and special property requirements of your specific application.

Contact the agricultural die cut gasket manufacturing experts at Atlas Gaskets today.

Common Gasket Materials for Agricultural Industry

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